Monday 2 November 2015



Hello, I'm glad you're here. 
Today, you are reading this blog because you are one of my family, friends, friend of a friend or a person I am yet to meet. You may be a person with multiple sclerosis or someone that has an interest in HSCT. Whoever you are, you’ve come here because you chose to.

Over the years I have sheltered many from my struggles with MS as I want to be known as ‘Megan’, not the girl that has MS. As my life changing HSCT journey begins, I promise to peel back the layers and be open, vulnerable and as honest as possible.

I hope this blog will be an emotional release for me as I go on this journey, but also a way to share my journey with others.

So what's this blog all about anyway?
Hopefully you've taken the time to watch the short video on this page... (quick, watch it now!).

Ok, so now you know that I have multiple sclerosis and have been accepted for HSCT (Haematopoietic Stem Cell Treatment) in Russia, where I will be under the care of Dr Denis Fedorenko at the A.A.Maximov Hematology and Cell Therapy Department of the National Pirogov Medical Surgical Centre.
This treatment has an 80% success rate of stopping MS in its tracks and HALTING further progression. It is expensive (approx US$45,000) and comes with risks and a long recovery period after treatment. This treatment is not radical or experimental, just relatively new to the MS world. Dr Fedorenko has performed this treatment on 100s of patients with autoimmune diseases over the last few years.

Thanks to pioneers, like Kristy Cruise, HSCT has been exposed to those living with this unpredictable and progressive disease as an alternative treatment to the current disease modifying drugs.
I have been on three disease modifying drugs and they are no longer working for me. HSCT is my hope for a better future with my husband and three beautiful children. I believe it is my right to seek and receive the best medical treatment available.

HSCT treatment is done in a number of countries and there are many Aussies heading to Russia, Singapore, Mexico, Germany and the USA. The cost varies depending on length of treatment and country, but all are expensive and out of many peoples reach.
Like many Aussies before me, I will need to fundraise as much as possible to pay for this treatment.

Do I want to do this . . . I have little choice if I want to try and stay as well as I can for my family and the future.
My aim is to halt the progression of my MS and to do that I need to go on this journey.

I'm on a mission. It'll be tough. It'll require sacrifice. It will test my strength and faith. I will learn from it and grow closer to the person I desire to become.
Hope. Love. Live. – HSCT - A mother’s mission to halt her MS - This is the name I have chosen for my journey, blog and Facebook page.

Thank You for taking the time to read my story.
I hope you visit again soon.

Hope. Love. Live.
Megan x