Tuesday 22 March 2016

It's arrived . . .

My ‘to do list’ has been long, short and then long again. I am sure many people would be familiar with the feeling when your list covers a number of pages, but recently I went about simplifying my list. I thought, what do I really need to do to enable me to undergo my upcoming medical treatment?
This list came down to the following areas/buckets:-
• Apply for new passport
• Confirm flights
• Apply for Russian visa
• Arrange travel insurance
• Book Accommodation for a couple of nights prior to treatment
• Confirm Neurologist appointment
• Fundraise - Organise ‘Megan’s Benefit Night’ – 14 May 2016

Now obviously there are a number of actions that eventuate from each of these areas . . . The Neurologist is located in Canberra – organise visit . . . upcoming major fundraising event - ‘Megan’s Benefit Night’ . . . well let’s just say that list is growing.

As I sat here today feeling a little overwhelmed by this new ‘simplified’ list that has started to grow before my eyes, I hear a knock at the door.
It’s arrived! I received my new passport and I am pleased to say I can now remove a key item from my list. I just keep thinking bit by bit, we will get through this and this time next year . . . well I just can’t wait!

As I work on ticking off other items, I want to thank you in advance for all your continued support. My next priority item is to send out the invite for ‘Megan’s Benefit Night’ to be held on 14 May 2016.
With the support of my fundraising committee members, we have some fantastic auction items and prizes being arranged. As a hint . . . maybe you might need to get your passport ready so you can bid on a major auction item on the night, thanks to Hawaiian Airlines.

The invite will be out very soon. Please share and book early to help us with our preparations for this fun filled event! If you have something you think you can donate for the night, please email me at www.hopelovelive2016@gmail.com.

I have had great satisfaction in simplifying my list. If you stop and think, how much can you simplify yours?

Hope. Love. Live.
Megan x