Thursday 28 January 2016

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A South Coast mother is facing the battle of her life, hoping to get to Russia for potentially life-changing multiple sclerosis treatment. It's a race against the clock, with more than sixty thousand (60,000) dollars needing to be raised by June, to get her there.
Posted by WIN News Illawarra on Thursday, January 28, 2016
Monday 11 January 2016

Balance . . .

Balance . . .
In life you need balance . . . when I shared my story of the lifesaving treatment that I need to halt my MS, I did not realise how important balance was going to be.

I first blogged in November 2015 and it has taken me until now to breathe a little and write my next post. In this time I was trying to do everything and anything to thank, promote and advertise my New Year’s Eve fundraising event and my Hope. Love. Live. website.
Due to what I now know as a lack of balance, I became unwell with a constant cold and became really run down. My legs started to not be as strong and walking became challenging. My balance in my thoughts . . . was I posting too much, not enough, had I thanked everyone, had I missed anyone . . . I am pleased to report that my legs have become stronger again, so hopefully the MS episode is improving.

My priority now is to get the balance right. So if I post too much, not enough, miss a thank you – please know that I am doing my best to get the balance right.
In the first weeks I worked with my fantastic fundraising committee and we organised my New Year’s Eve fundraising event. I want to thank everyone who attended and the wonderful people that made the night a success. We raised $2,321 and I am pleased to say since my fundraising efforts began, we have now raised $8928. This money will cover my flights and we are on our way to raising the US$45K (A$66K) required to cover the medical treatment.

So what’s next?
We are running a Thermomix TM5 raffle and I encourage you to buy and share my post from my Facebook page “Hope Love Live - HSCT - A mother's mission to halt her MS”. I really need help with selling the tickets. You can find all the details on my website or go to to purchase your tickets now!

I am now on a countdown to my wrist surgery on 22 January 2016. Back to no eating, dressing and driving for myself. I want to thank my wonderful husband for picking up the pieces. Some people ask how do you get through . . . trying to stay as positive and ‘normal’ as possible is my coping mechanism. Thanks to all around who allow me to achieve this, as without you, none of this would be possible!

My lesson for 2016 is to have balance. Is there somewhere you can stop, breathe and assess to see where balance in life will help you?

Until next time . . .

Hope. Love. Live.
Megan x

PS: Thanks to all for your kind donations and support! Very much appreciated.