Saturday 21 May 2016

My chemo hat purchase . . .

Well, I know things are getting closer to my treatment date when my aim is to go shopping to purchase my first chemo hat. It was one of those purchases that you just know you need to do, but at the same time wanting to put off the inevitable – losing all my hair.

The date is booked in my calendar to have my hair shaved off prior to flying, so I can donate my hair for wig making for others in need. Due to the upcoming chemotherapy I will lose my hair, so why not donate it!

I am actually feeling ok about it. I think it will be liberating and prepare me for my upcoming treatment to also halt my MS, a loss which I am happy to make.

Through all the support of my friends, family and community – I can do this!

The countdown continues . . .
It is 38 days until I fly out to Russia and although I will be leaving Australia on my own, I know I will never be alone as such.

I am also very lucky to have a very kind friend Jacqui, who will be coming over to join me mid-treatment and care for me on the flight home. This is such a selfless thing for her to leave her husband and 3 young children and I thank her so much for this sacrifice she is making for me.

Paying it forward . . .
Following my own chemo hat purchase, this week I received a package in the post from America. It was from a lovely lady called Cathy with a note – "sharing the love and paying it forward. Good luck with your treatment". The package contained over 10 chemo hats of all different colours and styles! Now I am prepared and there is no holding me back.

In signing off, thank you to all for the great support at the recent benefit night! We have now raised $68K of the $80K required to cover the cost of flights and treatment and we are so overwhelmed for all this support.

Forever grateful . . .

Hope. Love. Live.

Megan x

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